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Deragliamenti (Derailments)
By Chelsea McMullan
Italia / 2011 / experimental documentary / 11’/ HD
Directed by: Chelsea McMullan Screenplay: Chelsea McMullan, Camera: Derek Howard, Editor: Pablo Pastor. Music: Ted Bois, With: Milo Manara. Produced by: Fabrica Productions

In this short meditative documentary, Milo Manara remembers his artistic collaboration with Federico Fellini and their journey together into the hereafter. Originally written by Federico Fellini as a film, Il Viaggio di Mastorna Detto Fernet was coined, ‘the most famous film never made’. Mystery surrounds Fellini’s decision to abandon the project immediately before production. At seventy-two Fellini began collaborating with celebrated illustrator Milo Manara, and together they started to draw Fellini’s vision of the afterlife as a comic.

The Girl and the Spanish Boy
By Danelle Eliav

Canada / 2011 / Fiction / 06'01 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Danelle Eliav, Screenplay: Danelle Eliav, Camera: Ben Lichty , Editor: Scott Pelzel
Music: Rob Melamed, With: Danelle Eliav, Angelo Rosso, Micha Lazar, Jillian Pearson
Produced by: Twin Pond Productions, Toronto, Ontario

Questa è la storia di una ragazza dolcissima che si innamora di un ragazzo spagnolo. Il loro è un bellissimo amore fino al giorno in cui il ragazzo muore in uno strano incidente. Al culmine del dolore e della tristezza, la ragazza tenta di togliersi la vita ma poi scopre che vale ancora la pena vivere.
A sweet girl falls in love with a Spanish boy. Their's was a beautiful love until one day the boy dies in a freak accident. Full of heartbreak and woe, the girl attempts to end her life, but then discovers that life is worth living again.

La Cuchilla y la donzella
By Meddourene Pabon Martin

Colombia / 2011 / Experimental/Fiction / 08'00 / Digital Betacam
Regia e sceneggiatura: Martin MeddourenePabon, fotografia: Roberto Flores Moncada, montaggio: Roberto Flores Moncada, musica: Yor Carniel, con: CelineLenoir

A woman wants to cut her pain off but instead she finds pleasure.
In un bagno, una donna vuole chiudere le sue sofferenze tagliandosi le vene con una lametta, ma trova piacere nel farlo.

By Wendy Smith

Usa / 2012 / Videoart / 12’ / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Wendy Smith, Screenplay: Wendy Smith, Camera: Derrick Petruch , Editor: Wendy Smith, Music: Rebeca Boyd, Chris Petit, With: Kathy Landers Appel, Tim Cotter, Sunny Venuto
Produced by: Wendy Smith

“Attached” is an experimental video poem based on haiku. It’s about memory and nature, the goal is to combine the art form of poetry, video and music as a collaborative project between poet, videographer and musician.

RE:AX aka Peace Starts With Me
By Max Hattler

Uk /2011/ video art/ 1’30”/ 1080p HD digital file, DVD
Directed by: Max Hattler, Screenplay: Max Hattler, Camera: Max Hattler, Editor: Max Hattler, Music: Noia Schreus. Produced by: Shooting People

"RE:AX aka Peace Starts With Me is a film about mirroring and feedback—abstract patterns and shapes interact with each other, taking us on a journey from disharmony to peace. Conceptually, it's about how violence breeds violence, and love breeds love. Only by turning the other cheek can we bring about change, understanding and peace." Max Hattler

By Max Hattler
Uk /2010/ video art/ 9'15" / 1080p HD
Directed by: Max Hattler, Screenplay: Max Hattler, Camera: Max Hattler, Editor: Max Hattler, Music: Dennis van Tilburg. Animation: Andreas Thomsen. Scientific Advisors: Eric Bergshoeff, Martha Merrow. Produced by Pavlov E-Lab, Nathalie Beekman, Max Hattler

“The film is based on the idea that there is an underlying unchanging synchronisation at the
centre of everything; a sync that was decided at the very beginning of time. Everything follows from it, everything is ruled by it: all time, all physics, all life. And all animation.” Max Hattler (2011) in 'Sync: Circular Adventures in Animation' in Virginie Selavy (ed.) The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology, London: Strange Attractor Press

“I am interested in the space between abstraction and figuration, where storytelling is freed from the constraints of traditional narrative. My Work contemplates microcosms, moments, atmospheres: Close--‐ups as reflections on the big picture. While my films tend to be without dialogue, they explore the relationship between sound, music and the moving image.” Max Hattler

LIMINAL  Out Competition Open Film
By Karen Crespo

Australia/ 2009/ videodance/ 5’50 /16mm
Director / Writer / Editor / Choreographer / Producer: Karen Crespo, Camera Operator: David Young, Producer / Director of Photography: Michael McLennan, Dancer: Ela-Ray Markstein Produced by the Secret Film Society.

An expressive dance piece that explores our struggle for identity and the conflicts we face between how we perceive ourselves and wish to be perceived by others. The dancer at first is curious about her own existence. She is then challenged as she encounters her own image as seen through mirrors. The tension escalates as she loses track of her true self amidst the likenesses, culminating in surrender.

Karen Crespo's interests in film as a career started after her first short films for HSC Drama and Art were selected to screen at the 2005 OnStage/OnScreen Performance and Art Express Regional tour.
After she graduated from high school, Karen went straight to studying film at Sydney Film School, where she engaged in experimentation with dance for film, an area that she continues to explore. She made Liminal with the Secret Film Society. She currently works as a professional editor for Australian television.

RASTANAK 2 (Farewell 2)
By Irena Škorić

Croatia / 2011 / Fiction / 22’ / HD, color
Directed by: Irena Škorić Screenplay: Irena Škorić, Camera: Raul Brzić, Editor: Veljco Segarić
Music: Pere Ištvanĭć With: Ivan Brzić, Asim Ugljen, Hrvoje Kečkeš, Siniša Ružić
Produced by: Irena Škorić

Farewell 1, a short fiction has visited all the continents, Farewell 2 is auto-ironic comment on blochbusters’sequels.

Pytuvane (Trip)
By Radostina Neykova, Vladislav Budinov

Bulgaria / 2011 / Animation / 08'00 / Beta SP
Directed by: Radostina Neykova, Vladislav Budinov Screenplay: Radostina Neykova, Vladislav Budinov, Camera: Nikolay Lazarov, Simeon Kirov , Editor: Nina Altaparmakova
Music: Petko Manchev, Animation: Radostina Neykova, With: Mimi Jordanova, Penko Gospodinov
Produced by: Audiovisual Orpheus, Sofia, Bulgaria

A man and a woman are moving towards each other on a train. During the trip, they meet and part with different people, in different places and at different times, until they finally find each other.

Black Moon
By Claire Bennett

Canada / 2011 / Animation / 03'50 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Claire Bennett, Screenplay: Claire Bennett, Camera: Claire Bennett, Editor: Claire Bennett. Music: Claire Bennett,Brendan Reed, Animation: Claire Bennett. Produced by: Claire Bennett, Toronto, Canada.

An exploration of the fracturing of a landscape, the transformative powers of the elements and a testament to the mythologies that are constructed in the wake of these fantastic forces.

Mollement, un samedi matin
By Sofia Djama

France / 2011 / Fiction- / 28'11 / Beta Digital
Directed by: Sofia DjamaScreenplay: Sofia Djama, Camera: Jean-Marie Delorme , Editor: Linda Attab Music: Samira Brahmia, With: Laetitia Eïdo, Mehdi Ramdani, Samir El Hakim
Produced by: Praxis Films, Jean-François Catton Paris – France

Un soir à Alger, Myassa est victime d'un violeur qui bande mou. De retour chez elle, elle ne peut pas se doucher, la plomberie est défaillante. Elle a deux priorités : porter plainte et trouver un plombier. Elle se retrouve face à son violeur.

Ti Vitti
By Georges Salameh

Italia / 2012 / documentary / 29’ / HD, colore e B/W
Directed by: Georges Salameh, Screenplay: Georges Salameh, Camera: Fabio Sanfilippo , Editor: Georges Salameh Music: Massimiliano Pace,Giacomo Cuticchio, The Killers.
Produced by: MeMSéA, Regione Sicilia

Una narrazione dei campionati mondiali di scherma Catania 2011, ultimo appuntamento prima delle Olimpiadi di Londra 2012. Una introduzione alla scherma, uno degli sport più prestigiosi, attraverso lo sguardo della Sicilia, della sua identità, cultura ed ospitalità.

Tonight's the Night
By Satinder Kaur

United States / 2012 / Fiction / 15'00 / Beta SP
Directed by: Satinder Kaur Screenplay: Satinder Kaur, Camera: Alkex Dillon , Editor: Lu Lu
MusicDerek Zhao With: Aisha Duran, Matias Ponce, Sam Jeroem, Vanessa Mesia
Produced by:USC School of Cinema Arts Production

18-year-old Alicia is deploying to Baghdad in the morning. On her last night in Los Angeles, she sets out to lose her virginity in case she dies at war.

By Chantal El Haber
Lebanon / 2011-2012 / videoart/ 05' / DVD
Directed by: Chantal El Haber. Screenplay: Chantal El Haber, Camera Chantal El Haber, Editor: Chantal El Haber. With: Perla El Haber, Yara El Haber. Produced by: Holy Spirit University of Kaslik.

In her video the artist goes on a journey of discovery: of her deepest self, of the many layers of her personality, of what lies hidden in her unconscious

Car Wash
By Stéphane Turgeon
Canada, Quebec / 2011 / Fiction / 12'20 / Beta SP
Directed by: Stéphane Turgeon Screenplay:Melanie Grenier Stéphane Turgeon, Camera: Sebastien Patenaude , Editor: Stéphane Turgeon
Music: Andreanne Hatin (Nookaad), With: Robert Reynaert, Yvan O’Reilly, Louise Malouin
Produced by: Les Productions Fantomatiques, Stéphane Turgeon Montréal, Québec - Canada

One night in a car wash, a man tries to atone for his fault... A silent drama made of gesture and music.

By Tania Aparicio

United States, Peru / 2011 / Fiction / 15'00 / Beta SP
Directed by: Tania Aparicio. Screenplay: Tania Aparicio. Camera: Chris Anthony Hamilton , Editor: Tania Aparicio. Music: Los Protones With: Mathia Vargas, Tjasa Ferme, Anouk Dutruit, Nelly Rojas
Produced by: Tania Aparicio, Anna Bernstrom, Amalia Bradstreet.

COCA connects Isa, a cocaine addict living in New York City, with Yolanda, a girl from South America who was slaved in a cocaine production camp. The past Yolanda ran away from starts haunting her after meeting Isabelle

Khwaab (Dream)
By Anadi Athaley
India / 2011 / Experimental/Fiction / 10'00 / Beta SP
Directed by: Anadi Athaley Screenplay: Samvartha Sahil, Camera: Hindole Chakraborty , Editor: Anadi Athaley . With: Nirmala, SuniPalwal
Produced by: Film And Television Insitute Of India, Pune - India

A Kashmiri woman is waiting for her husband from across the border. The day comes when he finally arrives. She welcomes him and they eat together after a long time. But this contentment will not last for long.

By Marco Gianfreda

Italia / 2011 / Fiction / 15’ / 35 mm
Directed by: Marco Gianfreda Screenplay: Marco Gianfreda, Camera: Duccio Cimatti , Editor: Claudio di Mauro Music: Giordano Corapi, With: Toni Bertorelli, Simone Pellegrino, Alessio Spagnoli, Daniele Faraoni Produced by: Antonio Longo

Stanco della vita, Ettore (65 anni) cerca ogni giorno il coraggio di buttarsi con la sua vecchia Ape in un fosso di campagna. Quando suo nipote Luca (10 anni) scopre il suo proposito, decide di seguirlo di nascosto.
Tired of life, Ettore (65) everyday trie sto find the courage to drive himself and his three wheeler down a country ditch. When his grandson Luca (10) finds out about his grandfather’s intentions, he decides to furtively follow him.

By Ismael Nava Alejos

Mexico / 2011 / Fiction / 12'30 / Beta SP
Directed by: Ismael Nava Alejos Screenplay: Naivy N. Zamora Sepúlveda, Camera: Guillermo Garza , Editor: Ismael Nava Alejos Music: Jorge Zertuche, With: Natalia Collado, Vladimir Garza, Daniel Fajardo “Tiko”, Miriana Ruíz, Mariana Veiga, Engel Huerta
Produced by: Janeth Aguirre Elizondo, Blanca Aguirre  

Mariana and Jaime are two young people who work in a circus at the beginning of the twentieth century. They are childhood friends: she plays the piano and he is an acrobat. Over the course of the past few months love has blossomed between them, but an accident will change the course of their relationship.

La Asamblea (The Assembly)
By Gil Morales
Mexico / 2011 / Fiction / 07’ / RED 4K
Directed by: Gil Morales. Screenplay: Gil Morales, Camera: Guailo , Editor: Andrès Alvarado
Music: Daniel García, With: Carlos Méndez, Geyma de Cobos, Mauricio Guadiana
Produced by: Blaca Aguirre  
Info: facebook La Asamblea

Mariano returns to the elementary school where he studies after a long psychological therapy to treat his fears of the violence that exists in the city. Mariano will prove his courage when he face the bad boys of the school, a stage and a surprise that they have prepared.

Cry 2
By Ling Nip

China, Hong Kong / 2011 / Fiction / 25'00 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Ling Nip Screenplay: Ling Nip , Camera: Karl Tam , Editor: Hoi Wong
Music: Ronald Ng, With: Louise Wong, Lawrence Lai
Produced by: Nip Ling Hong Kong - China

A girl is kidnapped by a man who behaves like an animal and locks her up up in a warehouse. Raped and tortured, she goes mad.

By Pedro Palma

Portugal / 2011 / Fiction / 13'00 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Pedro Palma Screenplay: Pedro Palma , Camera: Pedro Palma , Editor: Pedro Palma With: Alexandra Viveiros, Miguel Raboso
Produced by: Pedro Palma, Lisboa - Portugal

A lonely young woman is in her living room. The window is open. From outside we can hear the neighbors. The woman mourns the death of her lover.

Passagens (Passages)
By Thaís De Almeida Prado

Brazil / 2011 / Experimental/video dance/ videoart / 10'44 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Thaís De Almeida Prado Screenplay: Flavia Couto, Thaís De Almeida Prado, Camera: Edson Secco, Editor: Thaís De Almeida PradoMusic: Edson Secco, With: Bianca Zanchetta, Flavia Couto, Thaís De Almeida Prado Produced by: Filmes de infiltração, Sāo Paulo, Brazil

Three women in the midst of extreme drought. Steps taken in the midst of nature, the silhouette of a body through the vastness of the world, small private rituals. It is possible to return to life...

תפרים‎ (Stitches)
By Adiya Imri Orr
Israel / 2010 / Fiction / 7’25” / HD
Directed by: Adiya Imri Orr Screenplay: Adiya Imri Orr, Camera: Meidan Arama , Editor: Or Lee-Tal. Music: Ciger Rose, With: Riki Blich, Shira Katzenelenbogen Produced by: Adi Druker

Amit and her female life partner Noa decided to take a crucial step and have a baby. Despite their strong self-confidence, neither one of them knows for sure what they will do next. The night after Noa gives birth, they both discover that there are certain things you just cannot hide.

Paper Memories
By Theo Putzu

Canada / 2011 / Fiction / 06'01 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Theo Putzu Screenplay: Theo Putzu, Camera: Theo Putzu , Editor: Theo Putzu Music: Miguel Marin, With: Josep Vilavert Manyá, Elena España
Produced by: Theo Putzu Barcelona - Spagna

An Old man search for happiness in old photos…. two worlds divided by the inability to dream...

Un anziano signore cerca la sua felicità dentro vecchie foto... due mondi divisi dall'incapacità di sognare...

La Dernière scène (The Last Scene)
By Sadaf Foroughi

Canada, Quebec / 2011 / Fiction / 05'00 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Sadaf Foroughi Screenplay: Kiarash Anvari, Sadaf Foroughi. Camera: Kiarash Anvari, Editor: Jonathan Tremblay. Music: Jason DuMars, With: Jean Archambault, Mehrnoosh Taheri, Jean-christophe Leblond. Produced by: Zéro Degré Production, Sadaf Foroughi Montréal, Québec - Canada

On his last hour of his last day before retirement, an old cinema projectionist falls in love with the protagonist of the first Iranian talkie.

By Annika Larsson
Sweden, Germany / 2011 / Documentary/Experimental / 20'00 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Annika LarssonScreenplay: Annika Larsson, Camera: Sophie Maintigneux , Editor: Annika Larsson. Music: Sean McBride. Produced by: Anna Linder, Annika Larsson.

A group of blind football players during a game. Filmed at night, this exploration around issues of vision and blindness shows the players and the field in close up and in great detail.

Abode of Vacancy
By Tanja Deman
Nedtherland, Croatia / 2011 / videoart / 07'36’ / HD
Directed by: Tanja Deman Screenplay: Tanja Deman, Camera: Tanja Deman, Editor: Tanja Deman
Produced by: Tanja Deman

The video is composed of tableaus with subtle movements, shots of nature and of a city devoid of people. The two combined form a silent, aesthetic journey into the depth of the visual field, without speed or sound.

Dejad un mensaje después de la señal (Lasciate un Messaggio dopo il Segnale Acustico)
By Andrea Monzani
Spagna, Italia / 2012 / Fiction / 11’ / Full HD
Directed by: Andrea Monzani Screenplay: Andrea Monzani, Camera: Helena Gelado , Editor: José Manuel Jiménez Music: Alessio Pamovio, With: Victor Clavijo, Alice Henley Produced by: Atraco Perfecto Producciones & Andrea Monzani – Spagna / Italia
Info: /

After months of absence, David comes back to his old house. Among the dishes to wash and a dozen letters he finds in the mail-box, he discovers that his old answering machine is still working, and there are messages left for him. What he thought would have been a quite and regular first day back home turns to be a dive into his memory…

Quello che Davide pensava potesse essere un normale e tranquillo ritorno a casa dopo un lungo viaggio, si trasforma in un tuffo nel passato quando scopre che la sua vecchia segreteria telefonica é ancora funzionante …

Kiz Çocuğu (The Little Girl)
By Hakan Berber
Turchia / 2010 / Animation / 05’ / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Hakan Berber. Screenplay: Hakan Berber, Camera: Hakan Berber , Editor: Hakan Berber Animation: Bahadır Çakır, Gökçe Cebecioğlu Music: Burak Berberoğlu Produced by: Berat İlk Istanbul Turkey  

This Movie describes that last minutes of a little girl who died in war,by enriching with Nazım Hikmet's poem, named "Kız Çocuğu" (1956), with the different point of view in abstract situation

The Little Girl
That is me knocking the doors,
knocking the doors one by one.
You can’t see me,
because dead are not visible.
It has been some 10 years,
since I died at Hiroshima.
I am a seven years old girl.
Dead children do not grow.
First my hair cached fire,
then my eyes burned.
I became a fist full of ashes,
My ashes blew in the wind.
I don't ask anything
from you, for myself.
Children who burned like paper
can't even eat candy.
I knock your door,
aunt, uncle, give a sign,
so that the children don't get killed,
so that they can also eat candy.

Una vita sospesa
By Francesco Fracchioni

Itakia / 2012 / Fiction / 15’ / HD
Directed by: Francesco Fracchioni Screenplay: ispirato al racconto “Una vita sospesa” di Fulvia Pedani, Camera: Francesco Fracchioni, Manuel Passarella , Editor: Impatto Visivo
Music: AA.VV., With: Tatiana Winteler, Sabrina Bertaccini, Giovanna Figliuzzi
Produced by: A.N.D.O.S. Onlus- Associazione Nazionale Donne Operate al Seno – Comitato di Torino- Regione del Veneto, Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Torino, Regione Lazio

Elisabetta é una giovane donna con due figlie piccoline, che vive con l’anziana nonna, che l’ha cresciuta dopo la prematura morte della madre per tumore al seno. Da qualche tempo, la paura di poter essere anche lei affetta dallo stesso male della madre le offusca la mente fino a farle vivere dei veri e propri incubi.

We'll become oil
By Mihai Grecu
Romania / 2011 / Animation/Experimental Anarchy Short / 08'00 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Mihai Grecu Screenplay: Mihai Grecu, Camera: Mihai Grecu , Editor: Mihai GrecuMusic: Yann Weissgerber Produced by: Mihai Grecu

Dry landscapes are filled with the traces of a meta-conflict, beyond any visible political or ideological issues. An unexplainable state of crisis takes over the spaces and the view, transforming pure mineral geography into a theater of war. The story of oil takes over History.

The 8th Wonder (L’ottava meraviglia)
By Silvia Borroni
Italia / 2011 /fiction / 13’ HD,
Directed by: Silvia Borroni Screenplay: Francesca Della Valle, Camera: Alessandro Bianchi , Editor: Giulia Baciocchi, Music: Andrea Ercoli, Massimo Gerini, With: Victoria Labusga, Claudio Balboni, Alessandro Bracalente, Jennifer De Filippi, Luca Ficucci, Elisabetta Zurovac, Marco Pietroni, Produced by: Widelens , Civitanova Marche , Italia Production

This is a dramatic and brilliant depiction of a world where homosexuals are seen as loathsome figures, as oddities to be held up to public ridicule. As freaks to laugh at in a circus (where the hermaphrodite was really displayed) or the "normal" couple who is mocked in a sadomasochistic cabaret. A message of reconciliation.

Una rappresentazione teatrale e sofisticata di un mondo nel quale i diversi vengono visti come figure abnormi, come freak da esporre al pubblico ludibrio. Come meraviglie da sbeffeggiare in un circo (dove l'ermafrodita veniva esposto davvero) o in un locale di spettacoli sadomaso dove è la coppia "normale" ad essere presa in giro. Un messaggio di riconciliazione

Keha mälu (Body Memory)
By Ülo Pikkov
Estonia/ 2011 / Animation / 09'30 / Betacam SP - DigiBeta
Directed by: Ülo Pikkov Screenplay: Ülo Pikkov, Camera: Raivo Möllits , Editor: Ülo Pikkov Music: Mirjam Talli. Animation: Märt Kivi , digital work Raivo Möllits. Produced by: Arvo Nuut , Kerdi Oengo, Maret Reismann.

Our body can remember much more than we can imagine: it can remember pain and, most of all, the pain of our ancestors. How far back can you go by delving into your body’s memory?

Il nostro corpo si ricorda più di quanto ci si possa immaginare, ricorda anche il dolore e, soprattutto, il dolore dei nostri predecessori. Quanto più indietro si può tornare scavando nella memoria del proprio corpo?

Red Green Totem
By Paul O'Donoghue

Ireland / 2012 / Experimental - Videoart / 3'25'' / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Paul O'Donoghue Screenplay: Paul O'Donoghue, Editor: Paul O'Donoghue Music: Paul O'Donoghue, Animation: Paul O'Donoghue Produced by: Paul O'Donoghue

Red Green Totem is experimental visual music. Using 70’s analog technologies, in the Experimental Television Studio NY, simple tones, buzzes and glitches were transformed into visual representations and digitally re-sequenced to create a new audio visual composition. What you see is what you hear

Red Green Totem è musica visiva sperimentale . Utilizzando le tecnologie analogiche degli anni 70, nel Sperimentale Television Studio NY, toni semplici, ronzii e rumori sono stati trasformati in rappresentazioni visive e rimasterizzati digitalmente in sequenza per creare una nuova composizione audio visiva. Quello che vedi è quello che si sente.

amor de thanatos
By Helena Romano Guerra
Brazil / 2011 / Fiction / 06'00 / Beta SP
Directed by: Helena Guerra Screenplay: Helena Guerra, Caio Guerra Camera: Daniel Belinky, Editor: Caio Cardenuto, Laura Belinky Music: Tomás de Souza , With: Antonio Aurrera, Oswaldo Ávila, Bruno Cursini Produced by: Helena Romano Guerra, São Paulo - SP - Brazil

A new client enters the barbershop. The barber barely realizes he's there at all; all he can see is his new passion.

Romeo a Julie
By Hana Kotlářová
Czech Republic / 2011 / Animation / 06'01 / HD
Directed by: Hana Kotlářová. Screenplay: Hana Kotlářová. Editor: Libor Nemeškal
Music: David Vĕžník, Animation : Hana Kotlářová Produced by: Tomas Bata University Faculty of Multimedia Communications Štefánikova, Zlín, Czech Republic

Drama taking place in a dark, quiet bathroom corner satirically evaluates our life values. Although the stylized world of animation seems to be optimistic and the playful form signifies a joyful theme, the message of this film is different ? to show how easily, due to our levity, we can miss the goals we have always reached for.

Srdkova Dama (The Queen of Hearts)
By Dita Krčová
Czech Republic / 2011 / Animation / 07’ / HD
Directed by: Dita Krčová Screenplay: Oto Dostál, Editor: Libor Nemeškal .Music: Marek Gabriel Hruška, Animation: Dita Krčová Produced by: Tomas Bata University Faculty of Multimedia Communications Štefánikova, Zlín, Czech Republic

Three different men, roofer, gentleman and gardener, have met in a shed to play a matrimony and drinking shots of brandy. Meanwhile each of them boast of their story about beautiful woman... Every narration has different design to support different character of storyteller.

Nesejdes Z Cesty (You Shall Not Leave the Way)
By Veronika Smemlová
Czech Republic / 2011 / Animation / 08’ / HD
Directed by: Veronika Smemlová Screenplay: Tomáš Pasterný. Editor: Libor Nemeškal. Music: Marek Gabriel Hruška. Animation: Veronika Smemlová  Produced by: Tomas Bata University Faculty of Multimedia Communications Štefánikova, Zlín, Czech Republic Info:

Thoughtlessly following rules is not always the best policy to achieve your goals.

By Robert Hloz
Czech Republic – Korea (South) / 2012 / Fiction / 10’ / HD
Directed by: Robert Hloz Screenplay: Robert Hloz, Joshua Kim, Camera: Colin Lee , Editor: Robert Hloz, Filip Veselý. Music: Radar, With: Heejin Jung, Woogon Park, Produced by: Woochang You, Dahae Noh, Hanyang University, Tomas Bata University Faculty of Multimedia Communications Štefánikova, Zlín, Czech Republic

And from that day, NicK’s World was different

By Leevi Lehtinen

Netherlands, Finland / 2011 / Animation / 10'00 / Beta SP
Directed by: Leevi LehtinenScreenplay: Leevi Lehtinen, Editor: Leevi LehtinenMusic: Anssi Laiho,Animation: Leevi Lehtinen. Produced by: Netherlands Institute for Animation Film, Tilburg – Netherlands  

A man loses his soul and attempts to get it back. A visual poem about sins and the subconscious mind.

Dove sei, amor mio inviato
By Veljko Popović
Croatia / 2011 / Animation / 10'30 / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Veljko Popović Screenplay: Veljko PopovićEditor: Veljko Popović. Music: Willem Milicevic,Ivan Arnold. Animation: Marin Kovacic. Produced by: Bonobostudio, Vanja Andrijevic - Zagreb - Croatia

Is the comfort of routine and the happiness it provides enough to keep us its slaves forever?

Disinstallare un amore (Uninstalling Love)
By Alessia Scarso
Italia / 2011 / Fiction / 06'01 / Redcam
Directed by: Alessia Scarso Screenplay: Coralla Ciccolini, Camera: Ferran Paredes Rubio, Editor: Alessia Scarso Music: Marco Cascone, With: Giuseppe Antignati, Alessandro Rugnone, Cristina Odasso. Produced by: Arà s.r.lModica – Reggio Calabria.

Andrea can’t forget Anna. He is caught in a net of memories of that love. A weird huckster promises him that he will delete any traces of it. The backwards formatting process will, however, make good memories re-emerge and along with them the desire to win her heart back again.

Andrea non riesce a dimenticare Anna. La rete lo intrappola nel ricordo di quell’amore. Uno stravagante imbonitore promette di poterne cancellare ogni traccia. La formattazione a ritroso però farà riemergere i ricordi più belli e la voglia di riconquistarla.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
By Matteo Maffesanti
Italia / 2012 / Fiction - videodance / 02’ / HD
Directed by: Matteo Maffesanti Screenplay: Matteo Maffesanti,Alessandro Sciarroni. Camera: Matteo Maffesanti, Editor: Matteo Maffesanti. Music: Matteo Maffesanti. With: Alessandro Sciarroni. Produced by: Elevator Bunker – Nogarole Rocca – Italia.

A thought of Love
Un pensiero d’amore

Postmodern Times
By Julia Frick
Austria /2011/ fiction/ 09’ / HD
Directed by: Julia Frick Screenplay: Julia Frick, Camera: Johannes Satoshi Muehloecker, Editor: Lenore Elizabeth Smith Music: Michael Ehninger, With: Alice Frick, Peter Pausz
Produced by: Julia Frick, Wien- Austria

‘Post-Modern Times’, a play inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 masterpiece, takes an enlightened and comic look at the home-office lifestyle of today.

Herr Kröger auf Kur (Mr Kroeger on Rehab)
By Frank Müller
Germany / 2011 / Experimental, Documentary / 03' / Digital Betacam
Directed by: Frank Müller Screenplay: Frank Müller, Camera: Frank Müller , Editor: Frank Müller
Music: Sebastian Oswald, Animation: Frank Müller. Produced by: doppelplusultra GbR – Hamburg – Germany   

Mr Kroeger's adventures during his health retreat in Bad Kissingen in 1955. A fictional story, pieced together at a flea market.

By Gérard Cairaschi
France / 2012, / Videoart / 11:30 / video
Directed by: Gérard Cairaschi Screenplay: Gérard Cairaschi, Camera Gérard Cairaschi, Editor: Gérard Cairaschi Music: Christopher Rouse,
Produced by Gérard Cairaschi, Paris, France

The silence of the boat, the silence of the river, the silence of the crossed cities, the silence of the abandoned factories, the silence after the crash of bombs, the silence of death, the silence before the disaster. The silence at the approach of the frontier, the passage silencer of the warriors and migrants. The infinite between two shores.

Le silence de la barque, le silence du fleuve, le silence des ville traversée, le silence des usines désertes, le silence après le fracas des bombes, le silence de mort, le silence avant la catastrophe. Le silence à l'approche de la frontière, le passage silencieux des guerriers et des migrants. L'infini entre deux rives.

Nuh-eui Gyul-hon-sik Na-eui Gyul-hon-sik (Chupachups)
By KYUNG Ji-suk
Korea (South) / 2011 / Fiction – melo/queer / 15’40 / HD
Directed by: KYUNG Ji-suk Screenplay: KYUNG Ji-suk, Camera: CHOI Bum-soo , Editor: Ham Jun-young
Music: PARK Ji-ae, With: LEE Mi-do, LEE Myung-jin, KIM Bong-soo
Produced by: Kim Yong, Graduate School of Dongguk University

Sung-joo has just passed the civil service examination and is going to her hometown for a short while. Her friend, Shin-hee, runs a coffee house in the town that she inherited from her mother. They meet there again after a year they part, and they spend a day together

LABORATORIO CINEMATOGRAFICO AgbD _ Frammenti visivi e sonori
By Walter Mazo
Italia / 2012 / Experimental Fiction / 13'50 / MiniDV-Mpeg4-AVI-HDV
Directed by: Walter Mazo. Screenplay: Bonturi Francesco, Fasoli Fabiano, Garutti Massimo, Castellini Valentina, Sperotto Anna, Della Chiesa Alessandra, Pavani Francesca, Marchesini Nicolò, Bego Silvia, Bellamoli Federico, Butturini Francesco, Turazza Paolo, Camera: Bonturi Francesco, Fasoli Fabiano, Garutti Massimo, Castellini Valentina, Sperotto Anna, Della Chiesa Alessandra, Pavani Francesca, Marchesini Nicolò, Bego Silvia, Bellamoli Federico, Butturini Francesco, Turazza Paolo Editor: Walter Mazo Music: Walter Mazo, With: Bonturi Francesco, Fasoli Fabiano, Garutti Massimo, Castellini Valentina, Sperotto Anna, Della Chiesa Alessandra, Pavani Francesca, Marchesini Nicolò, Bego Silvia, Bellamoli Federico, Butturini Francesco, Turazza Paolo, i Produced by: APPD – AGbD Verona con il contributo di CSV Verona

Through12 meetings, from September 2011 to June 2012, twenty boys and girls with Down syndrome, aged between 15 and 34 years, has been able to develop stories, write scripts, act, experiment tools for photography and video footage (phones, cameras, video cameras), while improving and acquiring social skills.
Nel corso di 12 incontri, da settembre 2011 a giugno 2012, una ventina di ragazzi e ragazze con Sindrome di Down, di età compresa tra i 15 e i 34 anni, ha avuto modo di elaborare storie, scrivere sceneggiature, recitare, sperimentare l'uso di strumenti per la fotografia e la ripresa video (cellulari, fotocamere, videocamere), acquisendo e migliorando al tempo stesso le abilità sociali

L’uomo con il cappello
By Andrea Torresani

Italia / 2012 / DocuFiction / 20’ / miniDV
Directed by: Andrea Torresani Screenplay: Andrea Torresani, Camera: Andrea Torresani , Editor: Ermanno Azzolini. With: Andrea Torresani. Produced by: Andrea Torresani

Le imprese di Andrea Torresani al Festival di Sanremo 2012

By Jared Katsiane
U.S. / 2010 / Experimental Documentary/ 05’ 40” / 8mm film
Directed by: Jared Katsiane Screenplay: Jared Katsiane, Camera: Thomas R. Nichols , Editor: Jared Katsiane Music: Daniela Ronconi. Produced by: Jared Katsiane - Tita Films - Boston Massachusetts  U.S.   

Boston, 1951: uncle Tommy makes home movies… then brings along his camera as a soldier in the Korean War.
Boston, 1951: lo zio Tommy realizza filmini in casa ... poi, una volta soldato nella guerra di Corea, porta la sua telecamera con sè.

By Jared Katsiane

U.S. / 2011 / Fiction / 04:25 / HDV
Directed by: Jared Katsiane Screenplay: Jared Katsiane, Camera: Jared Katsiane , Editor: Jared Katsiane .With: Jerry Castillo, Jariel Martinez Produced by: Jared Katsiane - Tita Films - Boston Massachusetts  U.S.   

On a lazy summer afternoon, two boys try to swim to the white house.
In un pomeriggio pigro di estate, due ragazzi provano a nuotare verso la casa bianca.

Miracolo (Miracle)
By Luca Finato
Italia / 2011 / Experimental Fiction / 12’ / miniDV
Directed by: Luca Finato Screenplay: Luca Finato, Michele Tirozzi, Camera: Emanuele Zantedeschi , Editor: Matteo Ierimonte. With: Michele Tirozzi, Patrizio Romano la Duca, Valeria Roncoletta. Produced by: Acrobat Production – San Pietro in Cariano -Italia

Un ragazzo si ferma in un bar a bere della cioccolata calda prima di andare a pranzare dalla fidanzata.

Incontro con Vittore Bocchetta
By Paolo Scolari
Italia / 2012 / documentary / 18' 23” / video
Directed by: Paolo Scolari Screenplay: Paolo Scolari, Camera: Paolo Scolari , Editor: Paolo Scolari
Music: Federico Fuggini, With: Vittore Bocchetta, Mariagrazia Francioni, Graziano Altafini, Cristiana Albertini Produced by: Paolo Scolari, Verona –Italia  

Le prime insofferenze contro il fascismo, la prigionia, la deportazione nel campo di concentramento, l’emigrazione, l’incontro con l’arte, l’amore per Verona in questa intervista a Vittore Bocchetta.

Megurì  Out Competition
By Davide Rossi
Italia/ 2012 / Fiction / 7’ / miniDV
Directed by: Davide Ross, Hitoshi Matsumotoi Screenplay: Davide Rossi da “Saya Zamurai”, Camera: Davide Rossi, Editor: Davide Rossi. Music: Shimizu Yasuaki. With: Takaaki Nomi, Sea Kumada
Produced by: Davide Rossi

Il canto di amore di un padre morto che indica alla figlia il cammino di un futuro da costruire nella libertà di ricordarlo libero dal peso della morte, nella dignità di avere avuto un padre che ha lottato per il suo onore di uomo.

Las Rosas
By Caterina Genta, Marco Schiavoni
Italia / 2010 / Fiction / 07'30” / Video
Directed by: Caterina Genta, Marco Schiavoni Screenplay Caterina Genta, Marco Schiavoni. Camera: Marco Schiavoni , Editor: Marco Schiavoni. Music: Caterina Genta, With:Caterina Genta, Fabio Nardelli, Michele Raspanti, Paola Caridi, Marco Schiavoni.
Produced by: Studio Zobit di Marco Schiavoni, Spoleto, Italia

Versione musicale della poesia di Federico Garcia Lorca "Balada triste" scritta a Granada nel 1918. Il primo verso dice: il mio cuore è una farfalla presa dal ragno grigio del tempo con il polline fatale del disinganno.

Minor Offender
By Valerio Guadagno
Italia / 2011 / Animation / 04'43 / video
Directed by: Valerio Guadagno Screenplay: Valerio Guadagno Camera: Valerio Guadagno, Editor: Valerio Guadagno. Music: Michèle Raffaele. Produced by: Valerio Guadagno

In un mondo dove gli uomini hanno un fiore al posto della testa e le donne hanno invece la testa a forma di insetto, evidente metafora della sessualità, una perfetta ammaliatrice usa la sua bellezza per dominare le persone e ottenere facilmente successo.

Niños Imaginarios
By Alien Ma Alfonso
Cuba / 2011 / Animation / 03'39 / Beta SP
Directed by: Alien Ma Alfonso. Screenplay: Alien Ma Alfonso Camera: Alien Ma Alfonso, Editor: Alien Ma AlfonsoMusic: Alien Ma Alfonso Animation: Alien Ma Alfonso
Produced by: Alien Ma Alfonso, Cuba

A little girl ends her friendship with an imaginary friend. He wakes up in his own reality and accepts his destiny.

El Gran pequeño  
By Maxi Bearzi
Argentina / 2011 / Animation / 05'37 / Beta SP
Directed by: Maxi Bearzi Screenplay: Maxi Bearzi, Camera: Maxi Bearzi , Editor: Maxi BearziMusic: Maxi Bearzi, Animation: Maxi Bearzi
Produced by: Maxi Bearzi, Argentina

A great small guy manages to win the most popular girl. His ego enlarges, until he realizes that her heart belongs to another. That's when he meets his true love, another great small person.

By Dave Lojek
Germany / 2011 / Fiction / 5’25” / Full HD
Directed by: Dave Lojek Screenplay:Verena Schulemann, Camera: Benjamin Morel , Editor: Dave Lojek
Music: Mirko Rizzello, Torlough O’Carolan, With: Florence Veruni, Uriel Jaouuen Zrehen, Nika Kushnir, Ralph Fellows, Nicolas Waltz
Produced by: Apeiron Films, Berlin , Germany

We flirt with our faces and bodies. Courting makes men creative.

La mirada perdida
By Damián Dionisio
Argentina / 2012 / Fiction / 11’ / HD
Directed by: Damián Dionisio Screenplay: Damián Dionisio, Camera: Lucas Timerman, Editor: Carlos Capurro. Music: Guido Mastrangello, With:  Javier Díaz, Gabriela Pastor, Omar Súcari
Produced by: Osom Film, Argentina  

Argentina, 1976. Claude is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. The house in wich they live is discovered by the militars. No time to flee, Teresa try to shelter his daughter in a fantasy world to avoid the girl look at the horror they are about to live.

By Guillermo P. Bosch
España/ 2011 / Fiction / 10’/ HD
Directed by: Guillermo P. Bosch Screenplay: Guillermo P. Bosch,
Camera: Alfonso Muñoz, Editor: Alfonso Muñoz Music: Iván Palomares,
With: Pablo Sansó, Tato Sansó, Carolina Estupiñán
Produced by: Walopro S.L.

“The perfection in your hand”. An emerging modelfor advertisements
suffers, all of a sudden, a physical defect that drives him into a
process of self destruction. A descent into hell around the obsession
with looks.

Residencia “El Milagro”
By Javier Espada
España / 2011 / Fiction / 10’52” / HD
Directed by: Javier Espada Screenplay: Javier Espada, Camera: Javier
Palacios , Editor: Javier Espada Music: Miguel Ángel Remiro. With:
Asunción Balaguer, Vladimir Cruz, María Jesús Hoyos, Mario Patané,
Antonio Llorens. Produced by: Tolocha Producciones, Calanda, España

Nella città di Luis Buñuel,Calanda, la “normalità”, anche in una casa
di riposo, è bandita.

L’oro di Nicola
By Gaetano Di Lorenzo
Italia / 2012 / Fiction / 18’21” / HD
Directed by: Gaetano Di Lorenzo Screenplay: Gaetano Di Lorenzo,
Francesco Torre, Camera: Gianmarco Vetrano, Editor: Fabio Vita. Music:
Giovanni Puliafito. With: Toti Mancuso, Lorenzo Raffaele, Giada
Molica Coletta. Produced by: Associazione Arknoah Messina

Salvatore, 9 anni, e Giusy, 6 anni, un lutto colpisce la loro famiglia
e cambia la loro vita, soprattutto quella di Salvatore.

Manu i kapusta (Manu and the cabbage)
By Oleksander Pozdnyakov
Polonia / 2012 / Fiction / 10’27”/ HD
Directed by: Oleksander Pozdnyakov Screenplay: Oleksander Pozdnyakov,
Camera: Oleksander Pozdnyakov , Editor: Oleksander Pozdnyakov Music:
AA.VV., With: Khrystyna Soloviy, Artem Manuilov Produced by: Polish
National Film, Television and Theatre School, Lodz

A dreamlike story about love, death and … the cabbage

Arbuz (Watermelon)
By Tato Kotetishvili
Polonia / 2012 / Fiction / 08'20” / HD
Directed by: Tato Kotetishvili Screenplay: Nicoloz Mdivani, Tato
Kotetishvili Camera: Tato Kotetishvili, Editor: Tato Kotetishvili,
Wojciech Janas. Music: Orera “Lalebi”, With: Gocha Jikhashvili,
Valeri Cercvadze .Produced by: Polish National Film, Television and
Theatre School, Lodz  

In the middle of the Georgian desert, on the sizzling summer day two
watermelon sellers cross paths and their fierce competitions begins

By Jagoda Szelc
Polonia/ 2011 / Fiction / 06'13” / HD
Directed by: Jagoda Szelc Screenplay: Suzanna Pyda, Camera: Katarzyna
Szczerba , Editor: Bogustawa Iurga. With: Urszula Bernat, Katarzyna
Produced by: Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, Lodz

“Aposiopesis” is a term for an unfinished thought or broken sentence,
in music used to express separation, death, etc. It takes form of a
long pause.

Stefan i żuczek (Stefan & the beetle)
By Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc
Polonia / 2012 / Animation / 12' 38 / HD
Directed by: Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc Screenplay: Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc,
Camera: Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc , EditorPiotr Loc Hoang Ngoc
Music: Włodzimierz Antoniw, Kacper Zamarło Animation: Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc
Produced by: Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, Lodz

The story of friendship between a man and a beetle in a divided city.

Życie to suka (Life is a bitch)
By Michaƚ Makowski
Polonia / 2011 / Fiction / 02'34” / HD
Directed by: Michaƚ Makowski Screenplay: Michaƚ Makowski, Camera:
Katarzyna Szczerba, Editor: Michaƚ Makowski
Music: AA.VV., Animation: Michaƚ Makowski .Produced by: Polish
National Film, Television and Theatre School, Lodz

A story about a man who fails to commit suicide until one day when
life takes unexpected turn

By Cathy Brady
Éire / 2010 / Fiction / 18' / HD
Directed by: Cathy Brady Screenplay: Cathy Brady, Camera: Luca
Rocchini, Editor: Conor Fitzpatrick Music: Gareth Averill, With:
Nora-Jane Noone, Tom Collins, Olivia Nash, Tina Maxwell
Produced by: Cherryred Pictures, IADT Dublin

Karen, a young single mother is boredby routine. Slot machines have
become her segret thrill and addiction. With Christmas looming, a
desperate hope for a big win sees her life spiral out of control.

An rinceoir (The dancer)
By Elaine Gallagher
Éire / 2011 / Fiction / 04’ / HD
Directed by: Elaine Gallagher Screenplay: Elaine Gallagher, Camera:
Cathal Watters, Editor: Fernando de Juan
Music: Sinead Madden, With: Vitalija Bondareva, Brendan Connor
Produced by: Underground Films

At a competition, a young dancer waits nervously in the wings. Once on
stage, however, she shines, demonstrating her great passion for Irish

Downpour (Acquazzone)
By Claire Dix
Éire / 2011 / Fiction / 04’ / HD
Directed by: Claire Dix Screenplay: Claire Dix, Camera: Piers McGrail
Editor: Anna Maria O’Flanagan
Music: Michael Fleming, With: Muireann Bird, Cian Barry
Produced by: Zucca Films Dublin

This short film is a celebration of Irish rain. A bride-to-be recalls
pivotal moments in her relationship which all took place in a shower,
a drizzle or a downpour

By James Stacey
Éire / 2011 / Animation / 05’ / HD
Directed by: James Stacey Screenplay: Matthew Darragh, James Stacey,
Editor: Brian O’Brien
Music: Rónán Ȯ Snodaigh, Animation: Matthew Darragh. Produced by:
Souljacker, Dublin

A young man is on brink of emigration, but as he races through the
streets of Dublin he comes to realize the spirit he’s leaving behind.

The Birth of Rock
By Michael Lee
Éire / 2011 / Animation / 05' / HD
Directed by: Michael Lee Screenplay: James Doherty, Music: David
Moore, Animation : Michael Lee. With: Alan Moore. Produced by: Big

A really long fk’in time ago …. The musical elements combined to form
not only the most awesome form of music know to man, but intelligent
life as we know it.

Hasan everywhere
By Andrew Kavanagh
Éire / 2011 / Animation / 07’ / HD
Directed by: Andrew Kavanagh Screenplay: Andrew Kavanagh, Camera:
?????? , Editor: Jacyntha Cadwell.
Music: The Sound Butlers, With: Keshet Zur, Sami Moukaddem
Produced by: Kavaleer Productions, Dublin

They were young, talented and free in New York. Dorit Rabinyan was an
Israeli novelist and Hasan Hourani was a Palestinian artist. Their
passionate friendship, impossible at home, flourished abroad …
This film is based on the article “The exile’s return” by Dorit
Rabinyan and “Hasan Everywhere” by Hasan Hourani.

The Boy in the Bubble (Il bambino nella bolla)
By Kealan O’Rourke
Éire / 2011 / Animation / 08' / HD
Directed by: Kealan O’Rourke Screenplay: Kealan O’Rourke,Ray Kane.
Editor: Derek Pelly. Music: Niall Byrne, Animation : Kealan O’Rourke
With: Alan Rickman
Produced by: Igloo Films, Dublin

Rupert, a 10 years old boy, falls hopelessly in love for the first
time. When it all goes terribly wrong, he wishes never to experience
heartache again. Turning to a book of magic, he invokes a spell to
shiel him from emotion forever.

The End
By Julie Wolterstorff
USA / 2011 / Fiction / 05'04 / HD
Directed by: Julie Wolterstorff Screenplay: Julie Wolterstorff,
Camera: Julie Wolterstorff, Editor: Julie Wolterstorff, With: Catron
Booker .Produced by: UW Milwaukee -Peck School of The Arts- Department
of Film

Last night I saw the end … Is it your end?

By Jon Phillips

USA / 2011 / Fiction / 06’17” / HD
Directed by: Jon Phillips Screenplay: Jon Phillips, Camera: Jon
Phillips , Editor: Jon Phillips With: Jon Phillips, Mikko Dizack,
Gavin Rangel Produced by: UW Milwaukee -Peck School of The Arts-
Department of Film

“Periphery” is a short thriller set in a classroom

She Leaves The City
By Brian McGuire
USA / 2011 / videoart – promo video installation / 03'38” / HD
Directed by: Brian McGuire Screenplay Brian McGuire .Camera: Brian
McGuire, Editor: Brian McGuire
Produced by: UW Milwaukee -Peck School of The Arts- Department of Film

A film about a woman who desires something outside of her current life
in the city.

15 años y un dia
By Vivian Bruckman
Porto Rico / 2011 / Fiction / 19’ / HD
Directed by: Vivian Bruckman Screenplay: Vivian Bruckman, Camera:
Santiago Benet Mari , Editor: Fernando Suárez
Music: Omar Silva, With: Teofilo Torres,
Produced by: Vivian Bruckman

To confront the harsh reality of being accused for sexually molesting
his own daughter, a man seeks escape in his mind.
Ispirata a un fatto reale, la storia fa sorgere un dubbio: la
giustizia applicata all’abuso sessuale sui figli nelle classi più
povere viene esercitata con equità?

Historia Menores
By Daniel Mejía
Colombia / 2010 / Fiction / 13’ / HD
Directed by: Daniel Mejía Screenplay: Daniel Mejía, Camera: Carlos
Hernández, Editor: Sara Petracca, Chiara de Cunto. Music: Darío
Miranda, With: Jefferson David Garzón, José David Fuentes, Natalia
Cuéllar, Ana María Arce. Produced by: Basile García Ltda

A big adventure for two kids like those. Alejandro and Esteban have to
confront a gigantic world to experience what they saw in a TV
commercial. In the end their innocence will face the adults world,
unable to understand them
Un’avventura a misura di bambino. Alejandro ed Esteban, due bambini,
affrontano un mondo gigantesco per provare ad imitare quello che hanno
visto in una pubblicità televisiva e la loro innocenza si scontrerà
alla fine contro il mondo degli adulti, incapaci di capire.

La marche de l'escargot
By di Mario Damián Funes (Turkhy –F)
Argentina / 2010 / docu-experimental / 4’ / HD
Directed by: Mario Damián Funes Screenplay: Mario Damián Funes,
Camera: Mario Damián Funes, Nicolás di Mattia, Editor: Mario Damián
Funes, Nicolás di Mattia. Produced by: Mario Damián Funes,

Noi tutti vogliamo vivere con dignità. Ma non tutti rispettano i
diritti di vivere. PISAMOS!

Propriedades de uma poltrona (Properties of an Easychair)
By di Rodrigo John
Brasile / 2010 / Animation / 08'34 / HD
Directed by: Rodrigo John. Screenplay: Rodrigo John, Editor: Rodrigo
John. Music: Vagner Cunha, Arthur de Faria Animation : Rodrigo John
. Produced by: Adriana Hiller

An adaptation of the Julio Cortazar story by the same name that
exhibits an untamable talent for reflecting the sinister.
Nella casa di Jacinto, I bambini si divertono con le strane proprietà
di una vecchia poltrona. Fino al momento in cui il passare del tempo
gli farà vedere il misterioso mobile con altri occhi.

Hoy no se hace pastel de chuco
By Braulio Rodriguez
Venezuela / 2010 / Animation / 05’ / HD
Directed by: Braulio Rodriguez . Screenplay: Braulio Rodriguez,
Camera: Braulio Rodriguez , Editor: Braulio Rodriguez Music: Alonso
Toro, Animation: Braulio Rodriguez Produced by: Hekura Films

Felix the fisherman goes after Chucho the stingray in an intense
underwater persecution that only comes to an end when they are both
buried by garbage that is dumped by a passing ship. This experience
forces Felix to reflect on the polluted ocean that sustains his living

Nelle acque contaminate di un’isola caraibica, Félix, il pescatore,
cattura Chuco, la mantarraya. Tuttavia Chuco riesce a scappare e per
Félix comincia una intensa caccia sottomarina che si interrompe solo
quando ….

By Carlos Godínez
Messico / 2010 / Fiction / 10’ / HD
Directed by: Carlos Godínez Screenplay: Carlos Godínez, Camera: Arturo
Muñoz , Editor: Manuel González, César Octavio González . Music:
Gerardo Martínez. With: Ema Osorio, Carlos Hugo Hoefflich, Alberto
Produced by: Universidad de Guadalajara, Box Set Studio

After contemplating the tragic state of the world Adolfo, an
intelligent baby, decides not to leave his mother’s womb. After
enduring three years of pregnancy, his mother tries to cajole him out
into the world.
Adolfo è un feto intelligente che, osservando il mondo ostile e
decadente dell’esterno, decide di non uscire dal ventre della madre.

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